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Should you catch up with Mark at one of the many cons, know that he appreciates Lando Calrissian crossplay, Cylon references, and a good joke at an elf's expense. 

Brian Essig-Peppard

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His endeavors range from the continued development of Zeroes for Hire, working as a Professional Storyboard Artist, and specializing in concept design of environments, props, and character development. He has collaborated with clients such as Samsung, Ghostbusters, Machinima, Rosetta, ABC Network, ABC Family, FDA, Honda Motor Co., CapCom, and Playstation Network as well as numerous successful Kickstarter films.

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Like what you see? Curious about a commission? Interested in availability? We love hearing from you! 

Mark Mather was proudly raised in Orange County, CA, currently resides in Aurora, CO. 

Mark is a budding writer with an encyclopedic memory for all things geeky, political, or sports related. 

Periodically needing to air out the old nerd engine, he'll head up into the Rocky Mountains to kayak and ski. 

Brian is a comic book creator, storyboard and concept artist currently living in Los Angeles, CA.

Brian was thrust into a love for drawing at a very early age when he was incapable of drawing anything other than a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. Paired with the merits of being raised on Spielbergian films and a family supportive of following talents, Brian is now pursuing his passion for all things creative. 

Mark Mather

Saturday and Sunday // April 8 & 9
DINK Independent Comic and Art Expo

McNichols Civic Center Building

Denver, CO